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Make a Lean Hire.

For years we've been okay with the rigidity and the arbitrary outcomes of existing hiring processes. Interviews are terrible. Month-long screenings are not feasible.

And bad hires are often fatal for early stage startups.

Instead, we believe in contract-to-hire. Hire a contractor and have them join after they have made an impact on your company.

Try before you buy.

Perfect for long-term and short term engagements
Companies hiring on Lean Hire


On Deck Fellows and YC Alumni are available to be lean hired and get to work on your first project immediately.

A Letter from Peer

Dear founders,

Who and how you hire is the single most important indicator for your company's success.

Airbnb famously took 6 months to hire their first employee. There are a ton of grueling stories, where founders either had to drastically slow down or compromise on hiring quality.

You shouldn't have to wait 6 months to make your first hire.

Additionally, mistakes in hiring can ruin your company culture or might force you to rewrite your codebase. That's bad.

We are founders of different YC companies and we think there is a better way: we are bringing lean startup methodologies, pioneered by Eric Ries, to hiring and we are kicking it off with the best of the best.

Starting with the On Deck and Y Combinator community, connects the best talent with forward-thinking companies who want to make a lean hire.

We hope you will love Lean Hire as much as we have loved building it!


Creator of Lean Hire,
previously Co-Founder and CEO of Mage (YC W19)

Contract first,
hire second.

Lean, flexible, output driven hiring.

Run hiring like you
are running product.

Don't lose momentum

If you are hiring the old way, you might not be shipping much for 60 days. In the new way, that happens on day 2.

Plus, both parties start learning about each other in a way far more effective than the traditional screening process.

De-risk both sides of the hiring process.

Interview performance does not correlate with job performance.

Enjoy the flexibility of working with independent contractors.

made easy.

Easy 3 step process to begin hiring.

    Create a project
    Get connected to vetted YC Alumni
    Close project and take off 🚀